Sunday, April 24, 2011

About CBC Food Products

CBC Food Products has a vision to introduce the latest products into Pakistan which are prevalent in developed countries.
CBC Food Product has its aim to acquaint and satisfy the Pakistani customer on products that are still less known to them. Its range of confectionery and related items are procured from famous confectioners to harmonize the best experience. 

CBC Food Products has been in business from 7 years. This company provides a great selection of, chocolate, mints, hard candy, chewing gum, cookies, bulk and sweet candy.
CBC Food Products sells products from major manufacturers such as Lotte, Super Sumber Cupta, Mulyatek, Dolphin, Aqua Solve, Pusan and Kopiko. 



Name: Lotte
Location: Indonesia
Deals in: Baribie Gum, Barbie Candy Bad, Creamy Candy, Five Stick Gum, Ubuki Tatto Gum, Puzzle Gum, Super Hero, Super Soldier 


 Name: Mulyatek
Location: Indonesia 
Deals in: Barbie Choco Snack Small & Large, Twety Hello Kitty, Barbie Puzzle Plastic 



Name: Dolphin
Location: Indonesia

Deals in: Chocho Wafer Stick, Bella, Eterna, Menta, Chocho Snacks

Name: Supra Sumber Cipta
Location: Indonesia
Deals in: Zuka, Hollanda, Blue Ribbon, Bernice, Yahuii, Romantic, Danish

Name: Aqua Solve
Location: Indonesia   
Deals in: Go Fresh Mouth Freshner 

 Name: Pusan
Location: Indonesia
Deals in: Charlee Gum, Hai Candy, Brownly 


Name: Mayora indah
Location: Indonesia
Deals in: Kopiko Coffee Candy

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